Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

Variton Gel

This creamy dermo-gel is obtained with a blend of natural gums and oils (Olive, Grapeseed) which function as vegetal support and vehicle for a super-active synergic group of high concentration natural Extracts: Sophora Japonica flowers, Butcher’s Broom, Horse Chestnut, Witchhazel, Walnut shell.

This creamy gel is easily massaged into the legs and its active extracts that fight skin fragility instantly penetrate and tone the outer capillaries, stimulating the surface microcirculation of the skin. Continued application of this gel will give the following results: healthy and elastic skin, firmness, a powerful feeling of freshness and general well-being, youthful dynamism.


Fragile capillaries.

Method of Use

Carry out frequent massages on the legs morning and evening, concentrating on the affected areas.


Extracts of Sophora japonica, Butcher’s Broom, Horse Chestnut, Witchhazel.


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