Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

P.C 28 Gel

The effectiveness of this Gel is due to the synergy between the active ingredients of Arnica Extract (stimulator of peripheral blood circulation, useful against bruising); Birch Extract (skin purifier, cosmetic aid for eliminating toxins, slightly astringent, elasticising, soothing; Perna canaliculus Extract (hydrating, revitalizing, soothing, anti-inflammation); Devil's Claw Extract (anti-inflammation, analgesic, especially useful in painful joint conditions); Mint Essential Oil (refreshing, toning); Lemon Essential Oil (toning, balsam, antiseptic, cicatrizant, stimulant); Red Thyme Essential Oil (stimulant, antiseptic, regulator of skin’s sebaceous secretions); Lavender Essential Oil (cicatrizant, antiseptic, balsamic, purifying); Sweet Orange Essential Oil (calming, antiseptic, soothing.


Helpful in cases of rheumatic and joint pain. It alleviates stress and both general and local fatigue, restoring a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Method of Use

Gently massage the affected parts of the body. Can be used daily.


Extracts of Arnica, Birch, Perna canaliculus, Devil's Claw; essential oils of Mint, Lemon, Red Thyme, lavender and sweet Orange.


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