Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

Gentle Cleanser for Personal Hygiene

Safe and effective but, above all, wonderfully delicate and gentle, thanks to its elements selected from those with the purest, most neutral characteristics and, therefore, the most suitable for delicate areas. Antiseptic, purifying, deodorizing, this wash offers non-aggressive, gentle cleansing for the most delicate skins, even when subject to irritation.

Fresh sensation and well-being all day long. Recommended for both male and female personal hygiene.

Method of Use

Use with water, without adding other soaps. Cleanse with care and rinse. For all skin types. May also be used with reddened or irritated skin. External use.


Wheat germ hydrolyzed Protein, Milk Serum Protein, Extract of Icelandic Lichen


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Medical Devices



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