Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

Collagen Cream

The Collagenous Cream with 15% herbal collagen, thanks to its composition rich in soluble collagen, prevents cutaneous ageing. The allantoïn and the aloe vera employed for their lenitive, anti-irritating and anti-inflammatory actions ,

facilitate the action of collagen and alleviate the tired skins. The skin preserves firmness, tonicity and softness. This hardening care prevents the
appearance of new wrinkles and riddles and helps to attenuate the existing wrinkles and riddles.


Particularly advised with the skins tired, dull and fragile.
To give to the skin tonicity, vitality and a firmer appearance.

Method of Use

Night Care, apply the Collagenous Cream the evening, to the face and the neck perfectly cleaned as a preliminary.
Applied regularly, this care helps you to attenuate the wrinkles and the riddles and to give to your skin tonicity and vitality for a younger and firmer aspect.


Aqua, glyceryl stearate, ceteareth-20, ceteareth-12, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, sesamum indicum, soybean oil, tocopheryl acetate, caprilic/capric triglyceride, propylene glycol, triticum vulgare, allantoin, aloe barbadensis, triclosan, fragrance.


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