Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

CADUTA Anti Hair Loss Lotion 5.5pH

This hair lotion with Golden Millet extract, a cereal rich in Silicic Acid, which is the principal component of hair. This lotion contains a preparation that helps oxygenate and promote capillary circulation to the root, while hair is strengthened by essential plant extracts that facilitate absorption. A healthy scalp means efficient piliferous bulbs, capable of producing beautiful, strong hair. This practical spray lotion leaves the hair delicately perfumed. For daily use after the shampoo. No rinsing required.


For all types of hair, especially for hair loss prevention.
Spray directly on the hair and massage the scalp until completely absorbed.


Extracts of Golden Millet, Plantain, Mallow, Horsetail, Hollyhock, Fenugreek, St. John's Wort, Horse-chestnut, Camomile, Lavender, Witchhazel, Burdock, Lettuce, Rose, Artichoke; Panthenol, Keratin, Silk Proteins.


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