Last Update: Sep 20th 2013

Anti Hair Loss Lotion

For the man as for the woman, the loss of hair is often badly lived. It can constitute a reaction to an aggression of various nature (drug, thyroid problem, stress, deprive of iron, etc), but it generally acts of a androgenic baldness, dependent on the age and genetic factors.
It is advised to make a check-up in order to determine the cause of the loss of hair. Vitamins, vegetable peptides, extracted from plants, form a cocktail which acts directly on the factors responsible for the loss of hair, supports their growth and slows down their fall.


Indicated for the loss of hair reactional or seasonal and loss of hair dependent on the stress, the pregnancy or maternity, tiredness, food imbalance or chemical or medicamentous treatments.

Method of Use

To apply the lotion stripes by line on a clean scalp. To mass with the end of the fingers for making well penetrate the product. Not to rinse, cap your hair as usual.
To use the lotion at the evening, one evening out of two during 3 months minimum.


Aqua, ethylic alcohol, Propylene glycol, Polysorbate 20, biotin, tocopheryl acetate, Pomegranate extract, lactic acid, biotine dexpanthenol, triticum vulgare, Cinchona sp extract, Nasturtium officinalis extract, Nigella sativa extract, Gingkobiloba extract, fragance.


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