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Locherber Registered Products

  • A cream with natural ingredients very helpful to the skin that has been parched from intensive sun exposure or UVA lampsor reddened due to the contact with strongheat. Thanks to its plant extracts, this product gives comfort immediately. Restores moisture and soothes redness. Perfect as after sun treatment.

  • A rich, dense day/night beauty treatment, ideal for nourishing and moisturizing dry, sensitive skin in depth, thanks to the use of innovative natural substances and other exclusive ingredients, able to give dry skin the nourishment essential for a healthy, smooth complexion, already visible after the first applications. You will feel your skin revive, dull complexions will instantly appear fresh and glowing, and fine wrinkles, visible pores and lines will be minimized. The cream also helps the skin to function as a protective barrier, fighting the harmful effects caused by environmental stress, such as UV rays, which cause the first signs of ageing. It maintains excellent moisture levels throughout the whole day and can be used as intensive treatment during those times when the skin appears particularly dry, dull and tired.

  • Anti-aesthetic and visible on the skin of the body, stretch marks appear when the skin tissues tear as a result of pregnancy or weight loss.
    A lack of skin resilience is the main factor behind the appearance of stretch marks. To maintain the skin’s softness and prevent the formation of unpleasant stretch marks, the deepest layers of the derma must be thoroughly hydrated, with active elasticising substances.
    Thanks to the active ingredients of this special formula that stimulate blood circulation and deeply moisture the skin, this cream is ideal to combat stretch marks, leaving your skin firmer and smoother from the first applications. If applied during pregnancy or a slimming diet, it is also preventive, maintaining the skin intact, without anti-aesthetic signs of stretch marks.

  • A natural liquid soap, for face and body. Thanks to its formula that contains Milk Serum, your skin is deeply, effectively cleansed without removing the natural substances that protect it.

    Milk Serum deriving from the production of butter and cheese would commonly be used on Swiss farms to wash young and old alike and also to prevent skin problems, acne, irritation etc. Milk Serum is a natural disinfectant for the skin.

    This wonderful Locherber liquid soap can also be used as a bath-shower soap or for personal hygiene. It helps the skin to rediscover its natural well-being and elasticity. The body feels pleasantly fresh and the skin regains its natural radiance and softness.

  • Sensuality and softness abound in this rich yet light emulsion which prolongs the beneficial effects of “Sensual” Bath and Shower Cream, pampering your skin every day and giving it extraordinarily sensual softness.

    The heady, refined and relaxing floral fragrance of the Gallic Rose awakens your senses, leaving your skin delicately perfumed.

    Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, improving the luminosity of the skin while toning and deeply moisturizing it.

    A balanced cocktail of vegetable extracts combined with Apricot oil give this emulsion long-lasting nutritive and softening properties.

    Easily absorbed, it is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


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