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ADS (all-in-one) Registered Products

  • The beauty of the hair depends on the condition of the scalp.
    Pollution, stress, fatigue, dandruff may cause redness, itching and discomfort.
    The hair thus appears dull and weak.
    Migliorin Purifying Conditioner is a real beauty ritual, which frees the scalp from stress, dandruff and impurities every time, restoring perfect balance and achieving incredible results.
    A specific treatment designed to enhance the splendour of your hair, that deeply soothes, hydrates and purifies the scalp.
    Your hair will be incredibly glossy, soft and easy to comb. For a sensation of well-being you have never felt before.

  • These phials for external hair treatment help to oxygenate and reactivate the bulbs, stimulating growth and strengthening the hair thanks to natural ingredients like Panthenol, Keratin and Biotin as well as important oligo-elements like Iron, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium. Since Migliorin phials contain precious Millet extract, the richest cereal in Silicic Acid, principal constituent of the hair, they help to achieve flowing, resistant hair. A healthy scalp means efficient piliferous bulbs, capable of producing beautiful, strong hair.

  • Consisting of gentle, protective cleansing agents, this shampoo is a delicate product designed for problems of hair loss, fragility or damage. Thanks to the particular synergy between the Millet Extract, herbs, minerals and Panthenol, the Migliorin Hair Loss Shampoo helps hair restore its natural balance and at the same time improves the texture of your hair and the condition of your scalp. It leaves the hair soft, smooth, fortified and full of body thus reinforcing it, respecting the physiological pH without making it dull and heavy.

  • With each wash, this shampoo with Golden Millet helps to eliminate dandruff and slow down its formation. It soothes scalp itching which inevitably accompanies dandruff. The blend of cleansing substances is ultra-delicate, to ensure non-aggressive washing and to encourage the recovery of natural skin balance. From first applications the visible result is a shiny, manageable, deep down clear hair and scalp, with no more dandruff and itching. Ideal also for very sensitive skins. No foaming formula.

  • The anti-ageing cream GOLD 24K with a precious silky texture and immediate nourishing effect has been created to contour delicately the oval of your face. Enjoy the feeling of young-looking and glowing skin, strengthened and refreshed thanks to the brilliant effect of GOLD24K.

  • For an incredible instant plumping result. This new, exclusive patented complex, thanks to Argireline®, a unique ingredient based on molecules of vegetal extraction, is designed to neutralize the cutaneous micro-tensions responsible for wrinkles and expression lines, stimulating and reinforcing the elasticity of the skin.

    Day after day the skin will appear more elastic, toned and visibly younger. Lines and wrinkles smooth away, the skin is reborn.

    It is the ideal complement to the B.T.Y. Intense Repair Cream.

  • The eyes are the most expressive part of our face and the skin around them has the basic function of keeping our look fresh, glowing, young and alive. For this reason Locherber has created a creamy concentrate that is light, easy to apply and rich in vegetal active ingredients.

    This eye cream is ideal for all the needs of the more fragile skin areas and is the result of the synergy of vegetal ingredients, vitamins and fine oils. The effective hydrating, nourishing, reconstituting, soothing and toning power of its active ingredients helps to attenuate and fight wrinkles and expression lines that may appear on eye contour skin.

  • Safe and effective but, above all, wonderfully delicate and gentle, thanks to its elements selected from those with the purest, most neutral characteristics and, therefore, the most suitable for delicate areas. Antiseptic, purifying, deodorizing, this wash offers non-aggressive, gentle cleansing for the most delicate skins, even when subject to irritation.

    Fresh sensation and well-being all day long. Recommended for both male and female personal hygiene.

  • Sunlight, changes in temperature, overheated environments, air pollution and stress are the main enemies of facial skin, particularly when delicate. This cream exploits the active ingredients of plant extracts (Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and Mallow) to their full advantage, successfully protecting from and reducing anti-aesthetic couperose (broken capillaries) and widespread redness. Its specific action is to tone the outer skin capillaries and stimulate the surface micro-circulation of facial skin. It helps sensitive skin feel totally at peace, rebuild its natural defence barrier, maintain skin's mopisture balance during the day. Result: the skin is radiant and regains evenness.

  • A cream with natural ingredients very helpful to the skin that has been parched from intensive sun exposure or UVA lampsor reddened due to the contact with strongheat. Thanks to its plant extracts, this product gives comfort immediately. Restores moisture and soothes redness. Perfect as after sun treatment.


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